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The Founder of The Gents Spa, Kenrey celebrates his 36th Birthday today!

Happy birthday to our beloved founder, Kenrey! Grabe, 36 na siya today pero super energetic pa rin! Kenrey founded The Gents Spa with a vision to provide top-notch wellness services sa mga clients. Imagine, from a small spa naging top wellness destination tayo sa Metro Manila!

Hindi lang siya magaling sa business, Kenrey is also a great mentor. Talagang hands-on siya in training our practitioners. Kaya naman ang galing-galing nila, di ba? He always says, “Helping people is our way of life,” and he truly lives by this motto.

To celebrate his birthday, we’re giving away 36 free massages! Ang saya, di ba? Just follow the mechanics posted sa social media accounts natin and you might be one of the lucky winners!

Happy birthday again, Kenrey! Cheers to more successful years and more lives touched by your generosity and passion.

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